Zina Kocher

3 x Olympian World Cup Medallist

Me & Biathlon

Date of Birth: December 5, 1982
 Red Deer, Alberta
 Canmore, Alberta
 Rocky Mountain Racers
 Richard Boruta

How on earth did I find myself in this sport?! I grew up exploring many different sports & activities. Our family winter moments were mainly spent downhill skiing and skating. I joined the Jackrabbit cross country ski program when I was 7. It wasn't until I was 15 that I got involved in biathlon, partially out of coincidence and because the Alberta Winter Games came to my hometown. One thing after another led me to moving to Canmore immediately after my high school graduation and training full time with the Rocky Mountain Racers. That year I made the World Junior Team. One goal led to another, 3 Olympics and 14 years later here I am! 

Biathlon takes up a lot of time, but there are free moments for my wide range of personal interests! Rock climbing, alpine skiing & ski touring, traveling & exploring this incredible globe, whipping up delicious food and desserts, cappuccino moments with great friends, busting out some yoga, and pursuing the world of music! 

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