Zina Kocher

3 x Olympian World Cup Medallist

Mountains draw us in, capturing our imagination in their magnificence. We desire to summit, feel the rock in our hands, the wind in our hair, to stand tall and see for miles. Adventures await. The yin and yang. Because we must have a complementary force. With adventure comes risks. The potential for dark consequences exists. Black & White. ... And so, #movementismedicine I hiked Grassi Knob to a beautiful view of the sisters, even finding a rock along the way that was heart shaped. Sending love & prayers. You shaped many of us into who we are today. Always that strong stable rock. May u continue to be with us, guide us, challenge us & remind us to always aim for the centre...not the white. #loveandprayers

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You awakened my soul, planted a fire in my heart & brought peace to my mind. ❤️ Elated for our official tying the knot soon & continuing our lifelong adventures together 💘 #love #besties #soulmate #gettinggushy