Zina Kocher

3 x Olympian World Cup Medallist

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  • Solo gi logo 2013

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A petit amount of a succession of photos taken of a hilarious climbing mime at the 50yrs climbing festival of Verdon Gorge... Besides the impressive soloing of the castle, apartment & church, the highlight may have been the blown up condom head 😂🤪 #50yrs #verdongorge #climbing #mimes #thatclimb

Riglos excitement... climbed the cigar (left skinny pillar) with only room for 2, & a few other routes. Interesting conglomerate climbing, & often I’d hear Alex casually say “huh, well this is some nice exposure”. My words were more like “I’m scared...” Alex will have to return to do “fiesta a la biceps” as 300m of overhang was beyond my nice exposure comfort level!! #climbingadventures #riglos #backontheroad

Sometimes we have vanvy - Van envy. But then we cook up a pretty delish meal on a 1 burner tripod stove with rosemary from the crag. Life’s pretty great... #vanvy #oneday

“Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” - Colette Bourgonje (10x Paralympic athlete & medallist) ... I believe there’s always a lesson to learn, a reason why & to surge forward with strength & courage. I’d also like to believe I have a guardian angel named Richard who scooped me out of harms way because it wasn’t my time. 🙏 3 days ago, I survived a size 2 avalanche, sliding the full length of the NW face (350m) of Matier, landing with a thud on top of the debris, completely unharmed, with only my boot buried. A terrifying experience I will never forget, nor my husband, nor the 3rd member of our group that day. While feeling weightless in a cloud of white darkness, there was a moment where time stood still, a moment where I felt more spirit than body, a moment I screamed to escape... A thousand grateful thanks 🙏 to life, to my dearest love❤️ who was by my side in seconds holding me close, to my family, friends & those I hold dear. That was scary! We cannot take back what we failed to understand & predict but we can move forward, with learning & greater understanding, mindfulness always, and greater thoughts on safety. Though sometimes things happen we cannot predict, the goal is to limit the risks & consequence to a lesser degree when pursuing adventures in environments of high consequence. Let it be a lesson for us, a chance to learn more, to surge forward with courage & strength, a zest for life, for✌️, and ❤️. #scariestmomentofmylife #guardianangel #surgeforward #lessonslearned #staysafeoutthere