Zina Kocher

3 x Olympian World Cup Medallist

“Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” - Colette Bourgonje (10x Paralympic athlete & medallist) ... I believe there’s always a lesson to learn, a reason why & to surge forward with strength & courage. I’d also like to believe I have a guardian angel named Richard who scooped me out of harms way because it wasn’t my time. 🙏 3 days ago, I survived a size 2 avalanche, sliding the full length of the NW face (350m) of Matier, landing with a thud on top of the debris, completely unharmed, with only my boot buried. A terrifying experience I will never forget, nor my husband, nor the 3rd member of our group that day. While feeling weightless in a cloud of white darkness, there was a moment where time stood still, a moment where I felt more spirit than body, a moment I screamed to escape... A thousand grateful thanks 🙏 to life, to my dearest love❤️ who was by my side in seconds holding me close, to my family, friends & those I hold dear. That was scary! We cannot take back what we failed to understand & predict but we can move forward, with learning & greater understanding, mindfulness always, and greater thoughts on safety. Though sometimes things happen we cannot predict, the goal is to limit the risks & consequence to a lesser degree when pursuing adventures in environments of high consequence. Let it be a lesson for us, a chance to learn more, to surge forward with courage & strength, a zest for life, for✌️, and ❤️. #scariestmomentofmylife #guardianangel #surgeforward #lessonslearned #staysafeoutthere

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Today’s dedicated to Richard, who never thought a challenge was too great to try. Finished my 1st (& last) mass start 10k Classic World Cup on a ☀️ beaut day in Sweden. It was hard, I was last, but stayed calm, made it up the climbs & to the finish line...at least there were no penalty laps 😉! Thanks to Justin for teaching me classic these last 5 months, supportive teammates, coaching staff & techs, & stellar fans cheering me on! #totallyoutofmycomfortzone #souncomfortable #sohard #thisclassicthing #bestfans #keepfighting #trynewthings #belive #lifeisshort #livelovelaugh #goforit #tributetorich

This is an odd picture & one of my most awkward moments. I will start with my personal quote, ‘To enjoy life to its fullest, find inner peace, happiness & joy, one must be able to laugh at themselves.’ I am known to laugh & to be found in ridiculous situations. Here I am, receiving a massive hunk of cheese having absolutely no idea how I am the Continental Cup winner & ushered to get up on the podium where I absolutely do not belong, beside the 3 incredible women who actually deserve that podium right. Let’s be clear, I was many minutes behind... but hey, I now have cheese for days & a ridiculous story. Today I did my 1st XC 30k World Cup. It was beastly hard. The body didn’t quite respond how I’d hoped but I fought with what I had today. So much so that my body went into shock after the finish & in this photo I could barely smile because my jaw was chattering, my body was shaking/shivering & a sudden drop in BP. I was a mess. And then had random anti-doping control just to add to the day... #whataday #makesforagoodstory #justlaugh #30k #whatanexperience #cheesewin #awkwardmoment #gladthatsover #sufferfest