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3 x Olympian World Cup Medallist

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One of those stellar bright blue fall days, perfect for a quick jaunt up Lady Mac. ☀️ Seize these precious days just as you should grab hold of those who are dear to your hearts, and take the chances you feared or dared not to. Since recently attending a birth, doula-ing & then today went to a funeral, I've been contemplating our close relationship of life & death. The full circle... #lionking #carpediem #suntherapy #movementismedicine #canmore

After an emotional psych sesh working through these tough times, it was hard to get out the door for a ride this evening. Once I did, I didn't want to stop. I realized how much movement helps me process, emotions flow into words and words into sentences. If only I could write at the same time while running, biking or skiing...the life philosophies I would come up with! It was also Richard's favourite form of having a meeting, to move & think, which he said was way more productive. I think he was right. #movementismedicine #movementmeditation #mountains #mentor #runningmeetings #lifelessons

Mountains draw us in, capturing our imagination in their magnificence. We desire to summit, feel the rock in our hands, the wind in our hair, to stand tall and see for miles. Adventures await. The yin and yang. Because we must have a complementary force. With adventure comes risks. The potential for dark consequences exists. Black & White. ... And so, #movementismedicine I hiked Grassi Knob to a beautiful view of the sisters, even finding a rock along the way that was heart shaped. Sending love & prayers. You shaped many of us into who we are today. Always that strong stable rock. May u continue to be with us, guide us, challenge us & remind us to always aim for the centre...not the white. #loveandprayers