Zina Kocher Lawson

3 x Olympian. Registered Massage Therapist. DONA trained doula.

Happy Thanksgiving💜 Many things to be thankful for... but our new little light tops off our year ❤️🥰 ! We enjoyed a wonderful autumn 🍂 day hiking up Sentinel Pass as a family unit a week ago. #happythanksgiving #sunnydays #beoutside #familytime

We’ve had a great time this summer doing some family van trips, camping, climbing & biking! 🧗‍♀️ 🚴‍♀️ Isa loves lounging & telling stories...and mostly having naps in her own personal tent (that we sometimes wish we could crawl into & snuggle up for a siesta too!) Couldn’t have had climbing time though without the help from the wonderful grandparents ❤️ #familyvanlife #roadtrips #camping #climbing #biking

Isa Anneli Lawson June 28th 💕 ...finally arrived after 42wks+4days. It was a bit of a long journey, some stubbornness to come out but eventually came into this world kicking & screaming to live life fully. Her name means strong-willed which we believe suits her soul & her journey to get here. We are full of ❤️ with our new bundle of joy & loving this new life adventure ahead of us🥰 @alex_mountainguiding 💜💕🥰 Big shoutout thank you to our wonderful midwives Carly, Erin & Viv @shifrawellness and the team of OB’s & nurses at Rockyview. 💜 And thank you to my mom & our doula Tracey @balance_quest for the labour love & support. 💕

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Seizing the higher energy & sunny days last week hiking & biking at 38/39 wks! Biking the Louise 1A parkway has been a treat with no cars. Who agrees we should have 1 day/wk closed to vehicle traffic for the future?! 🚴‍♀️ Keeping active outdoors has definitely helped me feel good mentally & physically through this pregnancy as exercise has always been part of my life & my family... but listening to my body and resting when I was tired is also so important. It’s a balance, as all things are! & this week there’s more resting needed in the balance... #activeforlife #activeprego #hiking #biking #timetocomeoutlittleone #toomuchwaddling

The endless yet needed rain today had me thinking back to last weekend’s lovely biking moments & drier/warmer temps 🌞...happy to still be able to be active & mostly comfortable, tho the upright townie is a necessity with this 🏀 (thx to a friend who lent it!). Tho bit of a struggle keeping up to my mama bear on her road bike. I blame it on the bike but could be my squished diaphragm & lack of O2 thx to baby bubs! Thx to my mama bear for keeping me moving and making me lie down & rest at times too 😉💜 #bigolbasketballbelly #biking #mamadaughterdates #activeprego #activepeanut

Spring crust skiing can be awesome (babe loved it too as u can see) or it can be a complete fail! The 3rd pic was yesterday, nice to be out for 30min but complete fail in convincing Alex crust skiing is the best. Biggest fail was not having the camera at the ready when he tripped & punched his hand/arm right through the lake. 🤣 Lots of laughs were had & we called it a day... and possibly the final ski day. #crustskiing #onedayawesome #onedaynot #skiseasonisover #pregoski #breathingfor2ataltitude

We all scream for ice cream 🍦! Beauty spring day for indulging in creamy deliciousness. Spontaneous visits with old friends, living way too far from each other is the best. Day of laughs, life catch up and baby snuggles ❤️ #icecream #friends #yum @madebymarcus

What a celebration to mark the 10yr anniversary of the Vancouver Olympic Games this past weekend!✨ Momentous moment for Canada 🇨🇦. Hard to believe it was 10yrs ago already! Wonderful to catch up with fellow Olympians, recall incredible moments and share the spirit of sport with Vancouverites. @teamcanada #vancouver2010 #olympics #10yrs